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Biomedical & Food

Biomedical & Food


Design of biomedical devices
and products for the food industry

CPI-ENG designs and manages the entire production process regarding medical devices and products for the food and beverage sector. Our approach allows the end customer to have a sole reference point for every process concerning analysis, development, testing, prototyping, production and the drafting of technical documentation. Thanks to a large network of partners, we are able to manage the entire supply chain.

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  • Design of new biomedical devices
  • Design of new products for the food industry
  • Creation and development of solutions for surgical procedures
  • Simulation activities to support the design phase
  • Design of automatic production machines for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Creation of parametric machines


Complete design of an innovative coffee machine, starting from customer ideas and food standards requirements to prototyping WORK LIKE REAL and LOOK LIKE REAL.


Complete design of an biomedical centrifuge, starting from customer ideas and biomedical standard requirements to prototyping LOOK LIKE REAL.