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Aeronautical & Automotive

Aeronautical & Automotive


Analysis, R&D, design and modelling of aircraft, axles,
transmissions and automotive components

For about 15 years, CPI-ENG has been the trusted partner of many companies in the aeronautical and automotive sectors, specialising in surveillance systems, UAV, UAS and Multi-Threat Target systems.

For the automotive industry, we look after the design, analysis and pre-industrialisation of systems for work, racing and luxury vehicles.


  • 3D parametric modelling of aerodynamic surfaces and structured assemblies
  • Structural elements machined in aluminium, titanium and steel alloy
  • Composite structural elements such as carbon and unidirectional carbon textiles, kevlar and glass textiles, low density filler materials and relative drawings with indication of layers
  • Boxes machined in aluminium alloy for electronic boards and mechanical interfaces
  • Sheet metal structures joined using rivets, bolts and welds
  • Rack structures for the installation of electronic appliances
  • Design of small plastic parts made using die cast, stereolithography or powder technology