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Being an SME at a great exhibition

by Delia
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Being an SME at a great exhibition

Who has attended the SMM in Hamburg knows that it’s THE exhibition for maritime industries. It’s enough entering the fair to make you, small company, understand that you’re just a gear of a complex mechanism that uses to face with big companies for which you always dreamed to work for.

But after the first minutes inside and the first booth visited you understand that they are also there for you. They need your expertise and the services provided by your small planet. So suddenly the meaning of such a big exhibition is clear to you, no machinery works without a gear, you are part of an important economic ecosystem in which you play a crucial role.

From my personal point of view, for an engineering company like CPI-ENG is not necessary to exhibit, you just have to be present there and to have the opportunity to offer your services to the big companies that need them.

The SMM was for us a great success and the confirmation we are doing it well. We came back home with a wealth of knowledge and relationship that, if will be well used, will give something more to the entire economic system that gravitates around us.